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Four Wisdoms - An Ethic for Everyday Life
The Four Wisdoms

$5.95 plus shipping
24 page booklet
By James Bryer, Ph.D.
Published by:
IntegralLife Publishing


The gems of wisdom contained in this illuminating booklet, can help you navigate more successfully through the deeper issues in your life and relationships. These fresh and timeless insights show you enriching ways to tap into your own unique ability as you travel your path. And with the knowledge of the Four Wisdom's, you'll discover new connections to authenticity, joy and personal fulfillment.

Dr. James Bryer is a practicing psychologist with Processus, a counseling, consulting and career transition center in Waite Park, MN. He brings over 30 years of professional counseling and consulting experience to his work with individuals, couples, families and groups. He is an author, poet and engaging teacher who writes, speaks and counsels clients and workshop participants on heart-centered topics including relationships and spirituality.

Photographs in this booklet are by Kirk Lamb, an associate of James Bryer. As a photographer, Dr. Lamb's work seeks to capture the essence of his subjects, in portraiture, weddings and nature photography.

The Four Wisdoms TeleCast Recording

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 Qigong with James Bryer

"James is such a gentle, respectful teacher, inviting, suggesting, never harsh; welcoming divergent opinions, offering new interpretations, new insights.  I feel blessed and grateful to be his student."

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